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        Auto Soap Dispenser

  • Study ABS plastic cover.
  • Advance designed switch, dispenser functions automatically when cover is closed
  • Battery/soap cartridge replacement indicator.
  • Operates on three size "C" 1.5V batteries.
  • Energy efficient provides battery life up to one year.
  • Dispense soap with hand activated sensor.
  • Reduce maintenance time with less battery change.
  • Power off automatically for soap cartridge exchange & loading.
  • Individual Sky soap cartridge (800ml) easily snaps into position.
  • Hands free eliminate bacteria contact.
  • Security locking system prevents vandalism.

  • Model: 4088 Auto Soap Dispenser
  • Dimension:10"H x 4.25"W x 4"D
  • Capacity:800ml Bag-in-Box
  • Power Souce: Three size "C" 1.5v batteries
  • Battery Life: up to 10,000 cycle or 1 year
  • Automatically Foam Soap Dispenser
    • By holding a hand under the sensor a measure of foam soap is automatically dispensed into the palm of the hand.
    • Since the user does not need to touch the dispenser the possibility of cross contamination is removed.
    • Further, the airtight refill with the incorporated, disposable foam pump assures maximum hygiene.


    • The 1000ml refill delivers 2500 portions of foam, three times more than normal liquid soap dispensers.
    • The refill shrinks and empties to the last drop, no spillage, no waste

    High Quality Soap

    • Both soaps have a neutral PH, contain skin-protecting ingredients and make hand washing a real pleasure.
    • Lotion foam soap delicately perfumed for normal hand washing antimicrobial foam soap, a most popular general purpose.

    Easy to Service

    • The Sky Auto Foam Soap dispenser is extremely simple in operation.
    • The refill is changeable within seconds.

    The Dispenser

    Foam Soap Refill(1000ml)

    • Made of white ABS plastic.
    • 3 alkaline batteries size C will ensure up to 2000 pumping actions.
    • Dispenser measurements: H:265mm W:115mm D:118mm
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